Demo Project

Ultrasonic Consumer Demo Project

In order to help demonstrate the core functionalities of the CUE Ultrasonic Engine, we've provided a demo project compatible with both iOS and Android devices. This shows how both sending and receiving an ultrasonic signal works in practice. To get started, clone the following Git repository and set up your project according to the Project Environments page. Hopefully this will help provide a kicking off point, as well as provide a tool for debugging for your own mobile application.

Debugging with the Consumer

Aside from providing a demonstration of the CUE Engine, the consumer project is an excellent tool for debugging your ultrasonic communication project. The consumer is capable of sending and receiving triggers simultaneously as well.


The dropdown menu consists of the following pre-configured transmission modes:

  1. Trigger
  2. Number
  3. MultiTrigger
  4. NumMultiTrig (MultiTrigger Number)
  5. LL (Low Latency)
  6. Data

To see a description of these modes, please see documentation here.